Caitlin and Jack had their first "Susan's Sale" at Jack's baseball game in the month of June. They sold Gatorade, pop, water, candy and gum at their concession stand by the team dugout. The team was very supportive. The team was thinking about Susan. And they won their baseball game too. Susan is in the thoughts and prayers of the players, their parents and the fans!  
Caitlin and Jack continued to raise money for Susan throughout the baseball season.  Jack got his haircut just for Susan and he and his family sent this message: " You are strong. Cancer may have won this battle. But we have faith that you can win the war.  Positive thoughts and prayers." 
Jack & Caitlin Cannon raise money for Susan Baird
"It is said that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish."
Will Baird standing with the thousands of paper cranes made for Susan.  Sent with love by students at Chatham schools.